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For thirtieth of foundation of the Chorus we have printed an interesting book entitled "CORO GRIGNA" in which they are contained 70 songs that have been harmonized or composed from Masters Giuseppe and Antonio Scaioli.

The songs are therefore subdivided:

30 Songs of the Alpine ones;
16 Italian Melodies grouped in a " Italian Canzoniere ";
15 Songs of the traditional repertory;
9 Songs composed by Giuseppe Scaioli on several writers poetry;
2 Compositions with words and music of Giuseppe Scaioli.

Old black & white and colors photo are ornament to the songs.

The Avv. Franco Calvetti delineates the characterization of the Chorus and the artistic and human profile of Master Giuseppe Scaioli and its son Antonio.

David father Maria Turoldo exalts its " Singing " Friends with wounded deeply words and sincere.
"... Null there is of therefore human how much the gift of being able to sing and to know to sing well like you are: as it is your art... ".

The President of the A.N.A. Department of Lecco Dr. Raffaele Ripamonti illustrates the directives of the Convention in defense of the Alpine song held to Lecco 26-27 june 1965 and promoted from the same Department.

Finally one interesting search lead from the Historical Angelo Borghi on Sacred music, the several musical formations and the writers and composers who in the territory of Lecco have given life to the art of the song and instrumental music from the XVII┬░ century to the days ours.