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DVD For its fiftieth anniversary of foundation the Chorus, produced by the cultural association "la sumeanza", has printed an interesting DVD which is an excursus of the life of the choir since its inception.

As our Master says in his introduction to the opera: "The voices of the singers of my choir Grigna impress with their vocal style, supported by their humanity, emotion and joy and are a source of satisfaction and pride for all who contribute to keep alive this wonderful family choir.
Master from the beginnig, I thank all those who, through the vibrations of their vocal cords have amplificated with the intensity of their minds the melodies and harmonies to merge them into a message of love.
Join in one chord: the makers of this movie, the voices of my choir, past and present, their families, and many admirers.
To everybody i gift my affection united the musicality of my heart. "