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On the December 6th 1958 was born in Lecco, in the Laorca's district, the "Coro Grigna" Grigna Chorus.
It was Giuseppe Scaioli then student of Conservatory, to disciplining the desire to sing of a small group of friends gets passionate of alpine song.
Taken the name of one of beautifulst mountains near lecco, the Grigna Chorus is completely composed from amateurs, in majority alpine in dismissal, that they have found, in the study and execution of the songs a source of appeals and intimate satisfaction.
In 1967 it has become Chorus of the National Association Alpine (A.N.A.) - Department of Lecco. In little time taken the attention of passionate and experts for the optimal quality of the executions evidenced also for technically and artistic appreciable recordings, with a repertory of Alpine, Traditional and Author Songs.
In its repertory in fact excel the collection recorded in 1968 three LP, brought back now on two parts:I Veri Canti degli Alpini Vol.1 e I Veri Canti degli Alpini Vol.2 that are in the archives of the record collectors like rare piece of genuine, exquisite invoice. Other recordings appear later: Il Coro Grigna Canta vol. I° (1971) and vol. II° (1974), Monti e Valli (1983), and the CD La tradizione... il nuovo(1999).
On 2004 the recordings Il Coro Grigna Canta vol. I° and vol. II°, Monti e Valli are joined in two compilation named La tradizione...Vol.1 and La tradizione...Vol.2
In occasion of the therthieight of foundation, it publishes the beautifulst volume that collects part of own musics, and the interesting and unknown search on the music in the territory of Lecco."Coro Grigna" that collects part of own musics, and the interesting and unknown search on the music in the territory of Lecco.
For the fiftieth anniversary of foundation the Chorus, produced by the cultural association "la sumeanza", has printed an interesting DVD which is an excursus of the life of the choir since its inception.
In 60 years of activity it executes beyond 2000 concerts is in Italy that in Foreign countries (Andorra, Austria, Belgium, France, Switzerland, Spain, Hungary and Vaticano).
The availability of the chorus is almost insufficient to cover all call that come from everywhere, but is limitless when its activity becomes social work.
Master Antonio Scaioli collaborates with own harmonizations and compositions.
In the 2014, with his 80 year of age the Master Giuseppe Scaioli left the direction to his Alumn Riccardo Invernizzi.
On 2018, in occasion of the sixty year of foundation publishes a celebrative volume that has inside the integral version of the book edited in 1967 following the meeting on the Alpine song in Lecco, from wich the Master Giusepe Scaioli has harmonized the songs recorded in the collection "I Veri Canti degli Alpini".