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27th of March 2011

alzabandieracoroTogether with the Provost of Lecco Monsignor Cecchin, civil and military authorities, and despite the cold and foggy day, the Choir Grigna was "present" at the flag hoisting to celebrate the 150th anniversary of ITALY.
Then, before the S. Mass, the choir Grigna performed a series of songs to round off the event.
A sunny day would surely have facilitated a massive presence of people.
Before going to the institution Airoldi Muzzi the Alpine Group of Rancio-Medale hosted us for a convivial lunch in their beautiful home.
In the afternoon the Grigna Choir performed a concert at the nursing home Airoldi Muzzi to wish all visitors a Happy Easter.
As always guests have followed and participated actively in the whole concert with warm applause, remembering the Director Scaioli to continue this tradition appreciated and that they are always very happy to see and hear us.