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May 8th 2011

In occasion of the 84º Alpine's Meeeting, the Coro Grigna at 13.30 Saturday, May 7, 2011 start with a bus to Pino Torinese, green residential locality near Torino. Waiting us the CASA AMICA's voluntary, an onlus association dedicated to sustain families with disabled boys. At the 18,00 the Grigna Chorus participate in the lochal Church at the S. Mass, wher the childrens take some candles to the altar, accompained from the guitar and joyful songs. Terminated the function and back to the lodging, the Chorus find a welcome refreshmentoffered from the CASA AMICA's friends.torino At the 21,00 the Chorus go to the cine-theatre for the concert. Here, received from an enthusiastic and warm public, it has been exhibited skillfully with Alpine songs that they have been involved and affected all listened it in religious silence. Master Scaioli has then granted bis demands with uproarious applauses numerous. Terminated the concert a delicious supper, kindly offered from the association Alpine of Pino Torinese, has concluded an pleasant rich day of songs, music and of human heat. Early the day after the Grigna Chorus is gone back to the bus to go to Torino in order to participate to the 84ยบ National Meeting of the Alpine. It received a beautifulst day of sun and a splendid city, dressed to festivity with thousand flags tricolour. Into regal public squares and the roads of the center there were crowded people for being able to see to parade and to applaud a lot loved Alpine. A great collective emotion fluttered into the air, fed from the ring of the drums of the bands that paraded, from the songs of the Alpine choruses and from the people who participated singing, could finally breath a reborn and reinvigorated love for our Native land. Also the Grigna Chorus has given beautiful extension of if exhibiting itself in the piece "ITALIA" in front of the honor tribune and singing for all the distance the mythical "TRENTATRE". It has participated to paraded also the Michelangelo, Chorister and Friend, resident in Narzolle and joined to us shortly before to begin to parade. Towards evening, finished the parade, all to the bus to go home, not without being before stopped to savour an abundant supper near the premises IL CIGNO in Magenta. Also here the Grigna Chorus has had way to be appreciated from the customers of the restaurant that have offered a drink; the end of the dinner, first to go home the Chorus sung in order to greet the staff of the restaurant. Also this time all partecipant tires but happy, era accompanied from the memory of two beautifulst and unforgettable days.