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8th of December 2010

messaThe day began accompanying the S. Mass celebrated in the lounge of the restaurant "Riposo" of Cesana Brianza, where this year the Grigna Chorus met himself with his friends and supporters to celebrate, like by more than fifty years to remember friends who have gone ahead and thank the Lord for the ending year.

During the banquet has been awarded from the Director Sergio for it's forty years of participation in the life of the choir.

Our President
ivan wanted to re-think to this ending year with four events that have marked the passage of time
The first, most painful, was certainly the disappearance of our friend Romano who went to add to the Grigna chorus that is forming up there and whose ranks are more and more swelling.
He can not to mention the health problem of our stainless, historical Director Scaioli, although that has kept him away from the choir, at least physically, for a reasonable period of time, there has since returned more dynamic and more aggressive than before.
Then wanted to remember the wonderful evening in which, in the splendid setting of the Lecco's auditorium of the Chamber of Commerce we presented to the citizens the DVD created for the 50th anniversary of our Choir.
Last of events is now almost an anecdote and how it is told.
At the Alpine National meeting in Bergamo during last May one of the major Italian publishing houses, decided a large commercial operation and found one of the best choirs in the market realized a wonderful recording that was launched in conjunction with a series of local newspapers.
Unfortunately, we were involved in a transaction that has brought us surely fame but, thanks to commercial agreements made over our heads, we have not made a dime. On the other hand it is written that "one does not live by bread alone".
He then finished thanks first to our Director for the decisive contribution to the Chorus activity, our vice-masters, to the Governing Council, and especially to the Singers that make possible the existence of that dream called Chorus Grigna.

At the end of the day, the choir performed a few songs to wish a Merry Christmas to all and see you next year.