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20th of December 2008

Like the tradition wants, from about 30 years, near the Christmas day we meet with the CAI Mandello friends to prepare us, the term used into the presentation words, to the Christmas.
In this year we are host of the communal library, beacause the new CAI center is not so big to receive everibody.
A like ever sharing and careful public, have let to be involved from our songs, smile earing the Teresina vicissitudes and sing with us the "La leggenda della Grigna".
Under the M. Giuseppe Scaioli direction, that give a little and likeable singing lesson, born an harmonious sound, that not only joined the present voices but also our heart.
The night follows with some joyfull songs, without forget, like the Alpine spirit, who gone head; with commotion we ear our friend chorister, Domenico Parente, read some word to introduce all consuming song "L'ultima notte".
The last song will only be, in Christmas time "Stille Nacht", started first from the chorus and terminated with the all present voices.
The night is terminated in appiness with our CAI Mandello's friends, that we still say thank you for the every year warm hospitality.

Silvia e Marco