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8th of December 2008

Today, at the restaurant "riposo", the Grigna Chorus, joined to a numerous group of friend and simpatizer wants to feast S. Cecilia.
The manifestation start with the S. Mass celebrated from Father Bassano and accompained from the chorus to tank giving Good for the finishing year and to remember every chorister, fiend and simpatizer dead.premiazione
fondatori Terminater the S. Mass everibody in the restaurant to have a good lunch where during it our president Dr. Dubini, helped from our speaker and chorister Domenico (Mimmo) Parente, gift every singer present in this year a commemorative parchment paper accompained from a chorus symbol .
A particolar sign has been given to the five still present founders of the Chorus, and they wants to say thank you singing the first song learned in the first evening of tests fifty years ago "Al cjante il gial".
After cake and sparkling wine, the Grigna Chorus wants to execute some songs to say merry Christmas to everibody and good bye to the next year.