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November 21st 2008

cancerto Friday evening, in occasion of the 50┬░ anniversary of the Grigna Chorus, we had the honor to sing for the first time, in basilica S. Nicol├▓, and for this we want to tank Monsignor Cecchin, that permit us to share with the community of Lecco our joy for the caught up goal. Our president, Dr. Paul Dubini, visibly moved, wants to introduce the event, the applause to the five founding associates, the augury from the authorities that donated us a plate in memory of the day, and the words of our Master Giuseppe Scaioli, that has remembered all the coristers, who has gone ahead, who for health reasons could not be with us, all those who even if for little time participate to this great family and naturally all the present ones. A crowded basilica, with also many friends of the Grigna Chorus, has listened and participated, singing entirety " La Montanara" and " Il Testamento del Capitano", our concert executed with a rich program of songs able, like always, to move and involve all the present. Finished the concert Monsignor Cecchin took word, remembering affected the grandfather, Alpine of the Great War, and emphasizing that without instruments, only with the united voices into harmony can be also made the good, nearly to anticipate wath the Master Giuseppe Scaioli wants to say, answering to the question of the Monsignor Cecchin on because it has begun to sing, it has recalled to the memory the words of the mother who always sang with her sisters and said: "sing, but remember to love everibody". The evening has been concluded with the bis, executed in great style with the participation of ex corister of the Grigna Chorus and all the singers of other present choruses.

Silvia and Marco