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April 12th 2008

divisa Being the Grigna Chorus pertaining to the Department Alpine of Lecco, which better moment could be chosen in order to debut with the new uniform? Which better occasion if not a concert for one social occasion of our Department? Here then that it has come spontaneous to debut with the new uniform in the manifestation in Primaluna for the delivery of the scholarship in memory of the Ten. Doctor Corrado Pedroni. The Grigna Chorus has at first accompanied the S. Mass celebrated from Don Mauro Malighetti, and then aligned in order to concur the blessing of the own uniform. Followed in church the vocal exhibition of the Chorus listened from the present with much enthusiasm and participation, than to the end they have not been made to pray and they are united to the Chorus in singing "Signore delle Cime". Terminaterd the exibition the local Alpine Group invite every people to a good and abundant refreshment.