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7th March 2008

center After long work to adjust and repair the rooms given us for rent from the municipality, that have seen occupied in first person every chorus components, friends sympathisers and supporters.
Friday with friends, sympathisers, religious and civil authorities had been the inauguration of our new center in Via Ramello, 1 in Laorca of Lecco.
We are pleased to see with us our friend Michelangelo accompained from his sister, they do not want to lack our feast.
center After the benedition imparted from the Mons. Franco Checchin prevosto of Lecco and accompained from two chorus songs dedicated to the Virgin Mary, the Mons. wants to say some word remembering that singing in a chorus is an example of comunion and condivision.
Spoke then our President Dr. Paolo Dubini that say thanks every people, agency and institution, that with his support contribued so that the Grigna Chorus can have a new warm center without to leave Laorca (where the Chorus born).
At last spoke the Vicepresident of the Lecco provincia Franco Bruseghini remembering like the popular and lochal song are taken around with prestige from the Chorus in Italy and foreign countries dragging culture, uses and custom of our territory.
The inauguration finish with a rich refreshment where choristrers and friends stay to sing and talk until late night.