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April 30th 2008

Giovanni In the fiftieth of Trustees of the choir, unfortunately, are not only happy events and good news, but also the painful facts of life. Today has left us Giovanni, who has said the priest in his homily, he always had a passion for singing so that he chose to enter immediately on newly formed choir Grigna.

Who does not tend the ear to a bell that on one occasion rings?
But who can be distracted from the bell when a part of yourself is passing out of this world?
The death of every man diminishes us though we are part of humanity and then the bell rings even for us.
So wrote the poet and today the bell, with its sad tolling has called us to offer collection for the last farewell to our dear friend Giovanni.
Giovanni will miss much! will be missed your father's friendship and your nice and friendly wit.
But we are sure that we will always feel your constant and discreet presence.
We are sure that up there in paradise of all Alpine, because you were Alpine for acquired right, coming to meet you all the choirirter that before you went forward and to welcome you will be your friend Domenico Paroli.
May the Lord welcome in the green pastures of heaven and heavenly mother, as the song says, cover you with his candid and soft mantle.

Goodbye, Giovanni
We do and we'll always remember with much affection.

The Chorister