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August 28th 2006

VALENTINO'S PARK - Piani Resinelli - Lecco

In the green of valentino's park, the oriental lake's mountain comunity, started the second edition of the spettacles "SULLE RIVE DEL TEMPO" dedicating the first exibition to the mountain and it's poliedric aspect.
valentinoIn this occasion, the Grigna Chorus executexd some Alpines and mountain songs accurately chosen to give more incisive effect each recitated intervention from the actors Gianfranco Scotti and Paola Zuradelli.
The medieval repertory was executed from the soprano Daniela De Francesco accompained with a celtic harp played from Laura Albiero.
valentinoTalking about the mountainwe can't forget Lorenzo Mazzoleni; the young spider dead after reach the K2 peak, it was remembered in a touching manner from Peppino Ciresa - neo president of the Lecco's commerciant union - that initiate it from its youngest age to the secrets of the mountain.
valentinoEnding the president of the mountain community Cesare Perego, width visible satisfaction for the success of the exibition, has remembered to the presents the remaining appointments of Limonta and Mandello programmed in september.