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8th of December 2006

S. CeciliaToday, at the RIPOSO restaurant the Grigna Chorus joined with a numerous group of friends and fans honours S. Cecilia.
The day starts with a S. Mass celebrated, in a restaurant hall, from Father Bassano and accompained from the Grigna Chorus songs.
At the end, to remember each choristers and every people, like Alpines use to say - are gone ahead - was executed a touching "Signore delle Cime" involving each present. RobertoAfter the S. Mass everybody go to have a rich lunch, during that the president Dr. Dubini, handed over two plate: the first to the proprietary of the restaurant RIPOSO Mr. Roberto Colombo for the its support and availability for the Chorus; the second toMimmochorister Domenico (Mimmo) Parente for its 40 years of sing in the Chorus, a enviable goal obtained with engagement, perseverence and passion for the singing.
The occasion is used also to remember that the Grigna Chorus door is always open for every person who want to sing in it; its just necessary to come in our center on thuesday or friday
tortaAfter the cake and a cup of champagne, the Chorus execute some songs to wish a merry Christmas and an invitation for the next year to each presents.