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July 8th 2006

Esino the evening WAS introduced from the Esino's young group leader that with enthusiasm has remembered the promise made 3 years ago to invite another time the Grigna Chorus for a concert.
The program consist in alpine songs introduced from short lectures taken from books of several authors like Mario Rigoni Stern, Don Carlo Gnocchi, Giulio Bedeschi..... that describe the history of the alpines soldiers.
In spite of adverse the meterological conditions the church was crowded and during the exhibition the public if invited to sing don't hesitated to be involved with enthusiasm.
The evening was concluded with a refreshment near the oratory, during the refreshment the present sung popular and local songs remaining until deep night.
Some have expressed their sorrow for the too much distance from the center of the chorus in which gladly otherwise they would be enters to make part.