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Alpines: at Belledo concert and scholar award Ā«Corrado PedroniĀ»

Yesterday traditional appointment of the Lecco's ANA department at the parochial theatre in Belledo. The Grigna Chorus, directed like ever from the M. Giuseppe Scaioli, animate the evening executing 15 acclaimed songs from the presents.Belledo During the interval has been the hand over of the famous scholar award in memory of the lieutenant Corrado Pedroni, destinated to medical researcher. Like every year the deliverer was the Msr Angela Mondani, Giordano's wife, firs cousin of the Pedroni lieutenant and ative member of the Lecco's ANA department. This year the scholar award is assigned to the Doctor Maria Cristina Villa from Cusano Milanino. At the evening were present Luca Ripamonti, president of the Lecco's ANA department and it's council. The Grigna Chorus concert was been like ever very suggestive and dense of significate taking back to memory of the present people the tragic momenmts past from the Alpine heroes in the different war front. The Chorus execute songs born during the long waking, or in memory of the decimate battalions. testaments and testimoniance tha will not forget because born from mood of who fight wars to give us the freedom that now we have. The expressivity of the Choristers contribute to inspire in the presents big emotions.