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CHORUS GRIGNA 45° anniversary

In order to celebrate its 45 years anniversary the Grigna Chorus had a three days pleasant excursion in order to know better and deeper the mysteries of the Etruscan civilization.
But this is served also to know and to appreciate the Chorus that, even if not in official shape, has known to arouse admiration and commotion in the beautifulst Dome of Orvieto, the Dome of Bolsena and the small but evocative Church of Civita di Bagnoreggio.
Arrived in the first afternoon on 12 October to Orvieto, the chorister, accompanied from worthy guide, has been able to visit the wonderful citizen umbra starting from the sink of S. Patrizio until the majestic cathedral with excursion also into the Orvieto Underground rich of more than 1200 coves and galleries.
A likeable episode appens in the evening to some chorister that, wanting to deepen the acquaintance of the white wine of Orvieto, have found two enthusiastic German admirers of the alpine songs and of the singers sympathy.
These last ones, with great cavalry, wants accompany the girls, leaving for Milan, until the station singing for them "La Montanara", while the coming train from Rome was in order to leave.
Young travellers point out from the windows and enthusiastic of the song eared the station master (woman) gave the way to the convoy only at the term of the song. (Power of the alpines!).
ON day 13 we visit Bolsena and its lake profitting for the pause lunch, in order to taste the specialty of the lake: the "Coregone".
In a restaurant on stilt houses, waiting the lunch, the Chorus started to sing some songs of its repertory with great enthusiasm of the numerous tourists present.
Between these, one has introduced to M° Scaioli, Prof. JACQUES PERDRIAU, organizer of the exhibition "the Etruscan and the sea" near the History Museum of Marseilles.
The French university professor, one of the most famous archaeologist student of Etruscan history has donated to the M° Scaioli the poster of one its conference to Tuscania on which he has written, in French and Italian, one beautifulst phrase of praise for the Grigna Chorus attesting with an autograph all his admiration for the Chorus and its way to interpret the songs.
In the afternoon of the same day the chorister have visited Civita di Bagnoreggio, a small Common in Province of Viterbo famous with the name "city that dies".
Constructed nearly entire in tufa on one landfalling platea encircled from calanques (named cavoni) and destined to disappear for the progressive landfalling of the ground, the colorful small Common has provoked, on all the chorist, deep and evocative impression.
To the least inhabitants of this center by now nearly abandoned, the Chorus, before in Church and then in public square, had dedicated some simple and beautifulst songs.
The travel is finished Sunday 14 with the visit in the morning of Chiusi (Province of Siena), city that had to the end of the VI° Sec. a.c. a determining part of the Etruscan history for merit of its king Porsenna.
After the visit of the necropoli basement and the beautifulst Etruscan museum the Chorus has granted an abundant and deserved lunch in one of the more famous restaurants of the city resuming at the term, the return road towards house.
This travel beyond to enrich culturally all the chorist, knowing them one of the beautifulr and mysterious periods of our history, is served to still cement more the friendship between the old and new choristers in order to obtain that the Chorus covers its way with renewed vigour under the alwais illuminated direction of M° Scaioli.