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Concert of "Coro Grigna" at "Villores Theatre" of Monza

Saturday 15 february, in the "Teatro Villoresi" of Monza, have kept a "Concerto per voce recitante e coro" "Concert for reciting voice and chorus" dedicated to Don Carlo Gnocchi - alpine and donor of organs.
The evening was organized from Monza and Lissone's A.I.D.O., from Monza's A.N.A. and with the sponsorship of the Monza's Councillorship to the Culture and has seen, like protagonist prince, the Lecco's A.N.A. Grigna Chorus directed by M° Giuseppe Scaioli assisted from the Monza's Chorus "Fior di Montagna".
This right great homage to an alpine in holiness honor, is served also to collect money in favor of the "Foundation Don Carlo Gnocchi".
Mons. Angelo Bazzari, President of the Foundation, in tracing the noble figure of Don Carlo has intentional to give prominence to the evening with the words: "The the concert of this evening, executing the songs that was the column sonorous of great part of its life, will he feel still more neighbor. Those eyes and that smile will be for us sprone, stimulus, support and courage in order to continue, everyone in just the within, its battle in defense and for the promotion of the life ".
The teatre was filled of people, alpines and with the rappresentative of 13 groups of A.I.D.O.
Greate presence of civil and religious authorities in the teatre; absent only the Mayor for indisposition, substituted from dr. Gabriella Rossi (borough council clerk) to introduce the evening Alessandro Monzani, director of the Monza's Alpine newspaper.
Execution therefore, with sonorous base, of the "Hymn of Mameli" singed from the Grigna Chorus with the vocal participation of all the public present rigorously standing up.
The Grigna Chorus has started the concert introducing ten songs to mostly alpine character between beautifulst of its repertory beginning with "Motorizzati a piè" and passing thru songs like: " il testamento del capitano" "the testament of the captain" - "bandiera nera" "black Flag" - "era una notte che pioveva" "Was a night that rain" etc. in order to end with "Stelutis alpinis".
All the songs have been introduced from passages drawn from the books: "Cristo con gli Alpini" "Christ with alpine" of Don Carlo Gnocchi - " ALPINI - storia e leggenda" "ALPINE - History and Legend" - "il sergente nella neve" "the sergent in the snow" of Mario Rigoni Stern - "I grandi e i grossi" "large and the large ones" of Italo Pietra - "Scritti sotto la forca" "Written under the pass" of Julius Fucìk.
These passages prepared from the Grigna Chorus and, totally accepted from the organizers of the evening, have been read, with great emotional participation, from Eugenio Brambilla (head group ANA of Concorezzo), from father Angelo and dr.Rosanna Tommasi.
Useless to add that the public has let completely fascinate from this nearly only atmosphere of a passage recited bound together to a song wonderfully executed from our Chorus.
At the end applauses from all the affected spectators standing up to emphasize the great interpretation of the Grigna Chorus.
On the theater box the "Coro Fior di Montagna" of Monza directed from the M° Enrico Frigerio that, executing four famous songs of the alpine, has taken numerous applauses.
To the term the two choruses have closed the touching evening with the wished "Signore delle cime".
Then the ritual thankses from the President of the A.I.D.O. Lucio D'atri and the President of Monza's A.N.A. Department Luigi Marca, during the delivery of the plates memory, a moment of great commotion when on the theater appeared the girl Amiabile Battistello (today wife and happy mother) that it received, like infinite action of love, one of the corneas of Don Gnocchi.
Therefore: one beautifulst evening confirmed from one email sended to the Grigna Chorus from the Miss Enrica Colzani, Vice-president of the A.I.D.O. of Monza: "the AIDO of Monza has found in you true friends, we are deeply grates".
One evening to remember: an other pearl to incastonare in the book of the numerous successes of Grigna Chorus.