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Concert of CHORUS GRIGNA in Costigliole d'Asti

April the 13-14 2002

Promoter of this two days canora was the Bonacina's group-leader: Maurizio Briacca that, interpreting the wishes of the Asti's Alpines, has personally guided the members of the Chorus in this unforgettable week-end.
The friendship between the alpines of Lecco and Asti born with the therrible flood of year '95 and has been cemented wiht the pass of the time.
The Grigna Chorus concert in the parochial church of S. Margherita in Costigliole strongly wanted, in particolar way, from the holder of the farm holidays "La Piazza" of Costigliole: Michele Dafarra that, it has accommodated in its sour-tourist complex all the members of the Chorus.
Michele Dafarra figthting against a whorst hillness, for a long time, expressed to its friend Maurizio the desire to organize a concert in the beautiful little Church of S. Margherita with the vocal participation of the Chorus.
Maurizio Briacca With his great generosity has taken the due contacts with the M° Scaioli and all was realized in little time.
At the expedition thake part, united to the chorist (for the first time without accompaigment of the rispective wifes), the councilman department Renzo Brambilla and, like feminine note, the journalist Ornella Gnecchi only.
With the Grigna Chorus in concert also the Chorale "Clericalia et Alia" of the Scientific Grammar school of Asti that, with many juvenile voices, has given freshness and liveliness to several compositions of Vivaldi, Mozart, Haendel and Bernstein.
During the concert of the Grigna Chorus, the encounter with the young person, handicap bearer, Michelangelo Sarotto that, accompanied from the kind sister Anna, from Narzole of Cuneo is come to greet its friends and colleagues of the Grigna Chorus who named many years ago singer at honorem.
To the term of the concert, the beautifulst torchlight procession has lead all in the hall restaurant of the farm holidays where, the abundant and genuine served dinner is terminated after the three of the morning.
During the dinner, prize, gift exchanges and, dulcis in fundo, medal and nomination of our M° Scaioli to honorary citizen of Lecco: decoration conferred from alpine mayor Bodega, for its 44 years Grigna Chorus direction and the intense musical activity.
With a little commotion and much "barbera" and fine asti's white wine, for some chorist, is arrived the 6 of the morning.
All done with semplicity, serenity and much singing joy.
Sunday has seen the Chorus engaged in the visit of Costigliole's country with its beautifulst XIV-XV sec. castle and then, one appreciate pause in the center of Motta's alpine group.
After lavish lunch, the S. Mass, celebrated in a hall of the farm holidays, accompanied from the songs of the Chorus, has given new moments of intense commotion.
Finally the departure a "good bye soon".
To the term of these short notes we can say that, the meeting with new friends, the sincere joy of Michelangelo and relighting of novel hope on the face of Michele has marked, one new positive stage in the long history of our Chorus.