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Il Coro Grigna al teatro "G. Donizetti" di Bergamo

September, 30th 2001

In the evening of the 13 september the Grigna Chorus has exhibited with the Chorus Black Pens of Villa d'Almè, the Chorus A.N.A. of Rogno and the Tridentina's Brigade Chorus, in the theatre G. Donizetti of Bergamo.
The choral review, in the beautifulst theatre of Bergamo occupied in every order of place, was organized from the Section of Bergamo for it's 80° of foundation.
All the choruses participants took life to an evening that has triggered the enthusiasm of all the public present but, without nothing to remove to the other choruses (comprised the Tridentina's young singer), the Grigna Chorus has once again known to make rubble in the mind of the presents, arousing the admiration of the public that, at the end, had salutato our Choristers exibition, with an ovation. The mayor of the city, interpreting the feeling of the people present, is stand up to shake hand with the° Scaioli.
The beautifulst evening was concluded with a refreshment in the new building, that only the Bergamo's friends natives could realize.
To virtue of the Lecco's Section we can say, without refutation topic, that once again the Grigna Chorus has known to offer a seriousness test and skill that is universally recognized.