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July 11th 2008

esibizione The course of instruction to the choral song conducted from our Director Giuseppe Scaioli in occasion of the fiftieth of foundation of the Chorus is concluded; begun in January it has seen the participation of thirty students.
The course was been in the center of the chorus where the participants, women and men of every age, have attended with assiduousness and participation till the kept conclusive evening during the exhibition that the Grigna Chorus is usual to make every year in occasion of the festivity esibizioneMadonna del Carmine a Laorca.
The students have exhibited themselves singing "sul rifugio bianco di neve", "ai preat", "belle rose du printemps" and with to the Grigna Chorus "il sole dietro ai monti" at the term of the exhibition with the numerous present public "Signore delle cime".

Our director has then expressed its collective judgment to the participants of the course:
" All have demonstrated a remarkable interest for the dealt arguments, their behavior has been corrected and dignified respect of the colleagues and respect to the teacher, thus succeeding to make CHORUS.
esibizione The corrected respiration for the formulation of the voice, the musical reading, the interpretation of the popular song, the intonation, singing on the vowels, has been the didactic proposals that the singers have appreciated with enthusiasm.
To these persons I express my gratefulness in order to have received from them respect and friendship, and in order to have known to harmonize with notes of their heart the simple melody that my mind has composed for them.
Giuseppe Scaioli

All then we go to the oratory for the refreshment where the Chorus has found a commemorative cake of it's fifty year.

All the Chorister will say tank you to our Master Giuseppe Scaioli for being the inventor, promoter and executor of the cours jus finished