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June 29th 2008

polenta Sunday 29 June 2008, greeted from sunny day, the Grigna Chorus within its 50° of foundation has organized at Piani dei Resinelli a moment of encounter with the representatives of the zone's choruses, friends and supporters in order to remember its first concert that the same Chorus has held in far away June of 1959 in that locality.
At noon all participant under the stretch that the Alpine of the Lecco's Department Civil Protection has put on for this event, the Alpine of the Cortenova's Group prepare "polenta taragna" for all and a good glass wine can't certainly lack.
In the early afternoon all in the large square in front of the stretch at the feet of the Grigna in order to sing its "Legend" and other songs directed like 50 years from our Director Giuseppe Scaioli.
cantare The day has been unforgettable and once again the Grigna Chorus will tank all taken part for their demonstrated participation and friendship.