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The Grigna Chorus at Borghetto Vara

January 5th 2006

Into the S. Carlo's frame, in Borghetto Vara (province of LaSpezia) the Grigna Chorus had, in the 5th genuary's evening, a fantastic concert of Alpine songs. It was present a delegation of Laspezia's Alpine Group, that is in twinship with the Lecco's one, and iven if the temperature extremely cold due to the invernal season had scouraged the people to go out home, many people come to hear the exibition and when the Chorus sarted to sing under the sparkling direction of M. Scaioli the ambience was warmed. At the end of each song prolunged applause came from the present public, the most admired for the cleverness of the execution and the beautiful an powerful of the voices, meanville into the eyes of some older ex Alpine shine tear of commotion hardly repressed. Between the songs the most appreciated where "Monte Canino", "Il testamento del capitano", "Joska la rossa", but the most movong moment was riached in the final when, at the repeated bis requets, the Chorus answers singing first "Stelutis alpinis", in friulan dialect, and then the beautifulst "Signore delle cime", singed with the entusiast people standing in feet, discted from the M. Scaioli. To remember the event the the Chorus by the hand of his Master gift to the pro loco "Ponte Vecchio" a stemma of the chorus forged in bronze. Going out of the church, the chilled presents, happy for the spettacle, can warmup with a good hot chocolate, and then... everibody sit for the dinner based upon boar juced pasta and Argentine asado accompained from some barbera. The Alpines and their Master, probing that singing isn't for them a job, but a very passion, sing many song during the dinner. Unfortunately is come the moment to leave but the Chorus firt to go home has executed another beatiful song "Torna"; giving goodby everybody express the desire to organize, in une time not so far, another evening, probably in a period of the year warmer than this. satisfied the member of the borghetto's proloco, and in particolar the younger Jacopo Cattaneo and Matteo Caminati, President e Secretary of the Association, that strongly wants this meeting Thanks to Grigna Chorus and his Master Scaioli and..... see you soon!

Jacopo Cattaneo