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25 July 2021

20210725-cornabusa We went with the whole group of the Grigna Choir and several companions to the Sanctuary of the Cornabusa by the will and desire of our choirister Carlo. Cornabusa in the Bergamo dialect means pierced rock. The sanctuary is one of the most impressive examples in Italy of a church located inside a cave, almost hidden in a mountain inlet and opens at about 700 meters above sea level and overlooks the parish of Ceppino, a hamlet of Saint Omobono Terme. We arrived in the morning and at 10.30 we attended and accompanied the mass inside the cave with our songs. The cave is very large and was full of faithful some even in groups who came from different parts of Italy. There were also many families with children and young people. The cave is very impressive and from above rain drops of water naturally present in the rock. After the mass we listened to the story of the sanctuary where it is said that an elderly woman, during the revolts between the Guelphs and Ghibellines, sought refuge in the cave by bringing a statue of Our Lady of Sorrows. Years later a deaf-mute shepherdess entered the cave discovering the statue and miraculously acquired the use of speech and hearing. The news spread throughout the valley and soon a lively devotion was born certified by the Bishop of Bergamo in 1510. A first chapel was built inside the cave and in the 1950s it became a church. The statue of Our Lady of Sorrows is made of wood and is about 50cm high and resulted after studies of Tuscan origin. Our day continued with a convivial lunch at the restaurant of the sanctuary. It was a very special moment for us. The pandemic from 2020 has also put our group in difficulty, which had to stop meeting for rehearsals and concerts, so meeting again was a double opportunity both for spiritual and reflection but also for joy, happiness and friendship. We ended the day with our alpine songs and returned while a strong summer storm hit the Bergamo valley.