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Grigna Chorus - Matera 11-12-13 October 2019

On the occasion of its 61st year of foundation, the Grigna Chorus wanted to give itself a trip to the designated "European Capital of Culture 2019", Matera. A wonderful three days with a round trip from Bergamo to Bari. Many choristers for personal and working reasons unfortunately were not able to participate but many family members and many sympathizers of the choir wanted to accompany the choristers in this occasion. Saturday 11 in the morning,after arriving in Bari, transfer and accommodation and lunch in beautiful hotel, in the afternoon we went in Altamura to visit the beautiful city and taste of its universally known bread. At the time contacted, the alpine section of Puglia and Basilicata had said it was proud to organize an Alpine evening with the Grigna choir in Matera. On the same evening of October 11th in the church of St. Francis da Paola together with the choir "Alpine Stars" of the Bari and Basilicata's Department the Grigna choir resounded, in front of a very large audience, the notes of some of the most beautiful songs of the Alps. The "Alpine Stars" choir born on the wave of enthusiasm after the beautiful National Alpine Meeting of Bari in 1993, it owes its name also thanks to the presence of some elements of the fair sex that gracefully and sympathetically wanted to huddle around the choristers of the Lecchese association. The head of Matera's Alpine Dept.,Vito Giasi, in greeting the choristers and Aplines of the DDept. of Lecco, said he was honoured by the presence of the famous choir known nationally by all Alpines and at the same time, having a daughter married to Merate, showed himself profoundly connoisseur of the city of Lecco and its surroundings. The mayor of the city then recalled how the roots of solidarity are well present in the city of Matera thanks to the ability of the Alpines to be there in times of need. Finally, the president of the Dept. of Bari,Marco Rubino, said he was happy to greet the Grigna Choirs by begging the choristers to extend his greetings to the president of the Dept. of Lecco, recalling that the set-piece choir Stars Alpine is perhaps the only choir with a repertoire of songs of the Alpines existing in south-Italy saying that he was glad that the choir of his Department could sing with the choir of the Dept. of Lecco. On Sunday, October 12th, a guided tour of the city of Matera to see and learn about the long and troubled history of its famous Stones. On Monday 13th, before the return flight, visit the city of Bari with a dutiful tribute to the "Sacrario of the Fallen", visit to the Cathedral of St. Nicholas, the old city, the port and in the evening, boarding and back to Bergamo. So an unforgettable holiday that saw the Grigna choir meet in Matera Alpines of all the regions agreed to visit and that can be said to have, once again, honored the membership of the city of Lecco and its Alpine Dept.