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December 8th 2014

As usual from when the choir was born, 56 years ago, we meet to celebrate St. Cecilia, patron saint of musicians and singers.
This year we met at the Arlate's Church S. Gottardo e S. Colombano to take part at the S. Mass in memory of the choristers and friends went ahead.
Followed the traditional banquet at the end of which we celebrated, for the hand of our Historic Director, the Choristers Giuseppe Rusconi (Pino)pino, Fortunato Piazzafortunatoand Carlo Dellorocarlo for their FIFTY YEARS andfrancescofor it's THIRTY YEARS of participation to the Choir's life.
Finally, after the sweet and spumante, the Chosus greeted everyone with some songs wishing Merry Christmas to all and the hope to see everybody next year.