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September 20-22 2013

pretoro1 Friday 20, 6 a.m. departure, everyone on the bus to go to Abruzzo where we expect a lot of our friends to celebrate the 20th of Foundation of Pretoro's Alpine Group.
At 21 all to the municipal theatre in Rapino for the first of our concerts, followed by a tasty dinner prepared by the local cultural association.
pretoro2 It's Saturday, we are free during the day and decide to go on Majelleta, in the afternoon the Pretoro's Group and the AVIS local section inaugurate a monument to solidarity in front of their home, in the evening at the Church of St. Nicholas in Pretoro we exhibit to celebrate the birthday of the Alpine Group. Sunday morning we'd find in Pretoro for the parade that climbs to the Rear Court square for the S. Mass after which most melancholy greet our friends and take the road to home. pretoro3
Until next time.