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June 16th 2012

After being hosted for the 150º anniversary of Italy's constitution, today for their 65º anniversary of Foundation, the local Alpine Group has thought to invite us to Pino Torinese.

Start from Lecco at 6 PM to arrive in Turin around 10 where, waiting for us the the Alpine's Group leader to accompany us for a guided tour of the town, we so have the fortune to admire like tourists many of historical wonders.
So we were able to admire "Piazza Castello" with the main buildings and monuments, the Roman city with the Turin "Porta Palatina", the medieval side, Church of S. Domenico, of "Consolata", "Palazzo Carignano", "S. Pilippo" and "S. Lorenzo".
In the evening we accompanied the S. Mass and then at 21 hours in the local Cine-Teatro held an exhibition with projections, singing and reading passages to remember the events of the wars in which took part the Alpine soldier.
At the end of the evening and after a good dinner we left for home, leaving us with a promise to meet once again.