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13 of May 2007

It's saturday morning let's go. cuneo Everybody on the bus to go to piemonte to participate at the 80th Alpine's meeting in Cuneo. Narzole, little hamlet on the langhe hill, is waiting us; where live Michelangelo friend, fan and choriter ad honorem. Arrived in the afternoon we prepare the camp-bad for the night and go to meet Michelangelo and his family at home, he is very happy to see us. At the 16.30 ve must live the friends to participate at the S. Mass at the rest house chappel "Casa famiglia" celebrated to remember the Narzole's Alpine group dead.
At the 21.00 start the choral review in the parochial church of Narzolecuneo introduced from the Narzolese poliphonic choral, followed from the Palazzolese's Alpine chorus ana at last from us; for the last uor song we invite to sing also an ex chorister (Roberto) and Michelangelo.
The choral night is concluded with the tree chorus and the public joined to sing first "la montanara" ant than "signore delle cime"; thus everibody at the restaurant for a rich dinner terminated in a late night. In the sunday morning we start to Cuneo to participate at the parade with the Lecco's Alpine department. Terminated the parade we go to home where is waiting us, after twoo days of turnee, a deserverd rest waiting the next appointments.