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May 20th 2021

20210520_Maurizio Hi Maurizio, just now that it seemed we could be at the end of the tunnel, just as the Chorus, your Chorus, was starting to rethink the future, just when, a few days ago, we were setting the dates for the school's restart, you gone. You left us alone, without your greeting on our arrival at the school, without your smile while you "fiddled" on the P.C. of the Secretariat. How sad it will be to look beyond that glass and not meet your gaze, enter the Secretariat, in that "calm chaos" where only you knew how to move. But obviously, where you went, after so many singers and conductors, needed a Secretary and so wanting to choose the best, the choice was limited to you. Hi Icio, we know that life goes on, as they always say to take courage in moments like these, but it will be a life that will miss something: which will miss you. Hi Icio, have a good trip and may the earth be light to you