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November 10th 2007

Fiorenzuola In a fantastic public frame fullfilled in every placethe beautiful Verdi Teatre of Fiorenzuola d'Arda we had the choral concert "sul cappello", the revenue is posed at disposal of the ex Faini old center and Lucca's diversely capable center.
At the event, presented from ht eTenent Franco Meneghelli participate, exibiting for first, the Bettola's ANA Valnure Choir directed from Don Gianrico Fornasari, with a sequence of Alpine, portehouse and serenate songs also helped from three young girl. For the occasion the Grigna Chorus executed also the song "Voglio farmi monachella" original of the Valtrebbia harmonized like othe songs from our Director obtained some years ago from the ANA Valnure's Director. The evening terminate with the twoo Choir joined to sing "Signore delle cime" accompained from the spectator with a thunderous final applause.